First Year Advising Conference

When Collaboration Meets Retention

July 15, 2013
Campus Center Odeum A
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The culture of higher education is constantly changing, especially when it comes to technology, resources, and preparing students for “the real world”. More than ever, Institutions are looking for ways to provide enhanced education, services, and resources to students during times of economic challenges. When Collaboration Meets Retention will focus on the themes of technology and addressing students’ needs through peer networks. It will provide an opportunity to collaborate and share current practices in first year transition and retention at our institutions.

Audience: Open to colleagues of the Colleges of Worcester Consortium
Cost: Free
Benefits of Attending: Learn best practices from Worcester consortium institutions and network with colleagues

Call for Proposals
Due May 17

We are looking for colleagues from the Colleges of Worcester Consortium who would like to co-present a session at When Collaboration Meets Retention. The format of the sessions will provide some time for the presenter(s) to share their institutional practice(s) and time for discussion. You will be contacted by Connie Aramento by June 12 regarding your submission.