Your senior year provides great opportunities to explore your academic interests in greater depth and plan for your career after graduation. The cornerstone of your senior year is your Major Qualifying Project (MQP), which will help develop your problem solving, communication, and investigative skills while you apply the fundamental concepts and methods of your discipline to a current professional project. The skills you will develop through participation and completion of your MQP will be invaluable as you enter your field as a young professional or graduate student.

As you work with your Faculty Advisor to plan your next steps after graduation, you should discuss your interests beyond the classroom, and ask them for advice on how you might prepare for graduate school or a career. Consider the following resources and suggestions to make the most out of academic advising in your senior year:

  • Check your degree evaluation and tracking sheet (if applicable) to make sure you will meet all the requirements for your degree by the time you graduate.
  • See the undergraduate catalog to review the requirements for earning honors.
  • If you have struggled academically in prior terms, advising staff members are available to work with you one-on-one to assist in getting you back on track. Academic coaching on a weekly basis is available for students on warning or probation status.

In addition to your faculty advisor and the academic advising staff, consider connecting with the following campus resources during your senior year: