As a sophomore at WPI, you have many opportunities to explore your personal, professional, and academic interests. While you explore these interests, you should take advantage of the many faculty and staff members who are available to help you navigate this busy year. For instance, you should meet with your Faculty Advisor to review your academic plan and your degree evaluation, and to discuss potential minors or concentrations. If you do not know who your Faculty Advisor is, you can look on your unofficial transcript on Banner. Your advisor’s name and email address will be listed at the top of the page.

You have also been assigned an academic support staff member through our office. The name of this individual is listed on Banner, and is available to answer general academic questions, and to help you prepare for meetings with your Faculty Advisor. We can also connect you with campus resources to help you reach your academic, personal, and career goals.

To get the most out of your sophomore year, we recommend you explore the following offices and programs:

  • In considering your career goals, you should visit the Career Development Center (CDC). The staff members in the CDC are available to help you find an internship, create and maintain a resume, prepare for interviews, and answer your questions about graduate school or employment.
  • We encourage you to become involved in the campus community by joining a student clubs and organizations.
  • You can also seek new experiences as you plan for your Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP), which can be completed on campus or off campus in your junior year. As a sophomore, you should visit the Projects Program website to learn about the deadlines and guidelines for this project.
    • You are encouraged to attend the Global Fair in September to learn about the various off-campus project opportunities.
    • There is also an on-campus IQP fair in March.