Helping Your Student Succeed

College is an exciting time of change and growth for students and their families. As a parent or family member, there are many things you can to do help your student become a successful, autonomous young adult.

Some of the most valuable things you can offer your student at this time are support and encouragement. Oftentimes students view members of their families as role models and mentors, so your positive feedback is highly valued and can contribute to success. Keeping this in mind, it is also important to remember that your student is in the process of realizing his or her autonomy. Therefore, it is essential that you let your student do things for himself or herself, while maintaining a healthy level of support. Below you will find a list of suggestions on how you can grant your student the autonomy he or she is seeking, while remaining a supportive family figure:

  • Be available to support and encourage your student;
  • Maintain regular contact and an open line of communication with your student;
  • Offer advice (when appropriate) and direct your student to campus professionals when necessary;
  • Encourage your student to do the things he or she is capable of doing on his or her own.

We understand that coming to college can be an overwhelming experience for many students. However, with the appropriate support from their parents and families, in collaboration with faculty and staff, students have the opportunity to exceed even their own expectations while at WPI.