2008 Evaluation Form

We appreciate your participation in last week’s meeting of the WPI Joint Advisory Boards.  As Provost Orr announced, we will be moving to two joint meetings per year, retaining the October two-day format, and holding a one-day meeting in the spring.  Your evaluation of the October meeting will help us prepare for the March 14th as well as for the Joint Advisory Boards Meeting on October 23-24, 2008.  In addition to your responses to the questions that follow, we welcome your comments about any aspect of your experience at this year’s Advisory Boards Meeting.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

For all Board Members

Joint Advisory Boards Session (Friday Morning)

Individual Board Meetings (Friday)

Speakers—Dinner 10/23 and Lunch 10/24

This year, WPI expanded formal presentations to include The 3-D Mouse and The Engineering Profession of the 21st Century, Thursday Dinner and Friday Lunch respectively.

For new Board Members only: Introductory Session (Thursday Afternoon)

Board Member Information

Changes to your listing for the 2008 Advisory Boards Directory. Your name must be included above for changes to be made to your directory listing.

Your responses will help to enhance the 2008 Joint Advisory Boards Meetings.
Thank you.

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