PAC Workshops

Join your Peer Academic Coaches (PACs) for an interactive workshop to learn more about skills for academic success. Workshops are approximately 45 minutes long, and will give you time to ask questions and share your ideas. Bring your friends!

Tackling Your Time

Students will learn the importance of scheduling, how to schedule using several resources, and develop stress management skills, while learning how to set deadlines, and identify what works best for them.

September 4, SL104, 5:00pm

November 6, SL105, 5:00pm

Leveling Up Your Learning Strategies! 

A workshop focusing on identifying student's learning style and using that to their advantage in general school skills: notetaking, studying, and homework!  

September 17, SL105, 4:00pm

November 12, SL104, 5:00pm

Keys to Success: Motivation & Goal Setting

Students will learn the value of the three ds: desire, discipline and dedication; in order to identify their long & short term goals, identify their motivation and find ways to stay motivated to attain their goals.

September 30, SL104, 5:00pm

November 18, SL104, 5:00pm

Triumphs and Trials of Test Taking

This workshop outlines ways to prepare both mentally and academically for and take tests, while indicating resources and techniques for further assistance.   

October 2, SL104, 5:00pm 

December 4, SL104, 5:00pm


Program Requests:

Are you interested in having the PACs present a unique workshop to an organization or student group you are involved in? If so, complete the program request form or email with questions.

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