Services for Students

Academic Success Plans:

Students may set up appointments with staff members to develop individualized Academic Success Plans. Doing so can help students set their academic goals, discover their learning strengths and weaknesses, and design the appropriate learning and study strategies that work best for them.

Academic Coaching:

Academic coaching an individualized,supportive partnership that helps students identify and successfully pursues their academic goals. Helps students develop the skills and strategies necessary to be academically successful. Academic coaching:

  • Encourages students to assume personal responsibility for their own education and be accountable for their personal choices and decisions.
  • Helps students discover how to maintain a balance between their academic and their personal lives by effectively managing their time, setting and prioritizes their goals.
  • Helps students discover their learning styles and strengths and how to capitalize on them.
  • Helps students deal effectively with procrastination and lack of motivation.
  • Offers students support and encouragement.

Because of the uniqueness of the partnership regular meetings and progress reviews are a necessary component of the academic coaching process.