Learning a Subject

What to learn and how to learn

There is something special about each course. Your grades will improve when you discover exactly what you need to learn and how to learn it.

What to learn

For each course or each chapter, you need:

  1. Contents: Be very clear about what this chapter or course covers and what problems are solved. At the end of each chapter, try to list all you have learned and put them into an order you understand.
    • General theories (theorems, formulas, etc.);
    • Related exercises, problems.
  2. Methods: Special methods exist to prove theorems and solve problems. You should study those methods. Then you will be much better with problem solving. Each chapter or each course normally has several typical methods that you are expected to learn and apply to problems. If you are aware and pay attention to those "tricks," learning and problem solving will become much easier.
  3. Special examples and problems: Sometimes there are special examples and problems that require special tricks to solve. Pay attention. Those problems have more of a chance to be the candidates for test problems.
  4. Summaries of each chapter and the course: You should have a summary for each chapter and a summary for the course at the end. Then it is much easier for you to understand and retrieve the material. Only well-organized knowledge can be remembered for a long time.

How to get it:

The academic success skills given in the following pages should help you to achieve the goals of learning.


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