Tips for Academic Success

  1. You Do Not Become a College Student Overnight
    You learn to be one. Learn the secrets to a successful transition to college studies and the differences between studying in high school and college.
  2. Set Your Goals, Achieve Total Success
    Set long-term and short-term goals, set priorities, integrating all the parts into your total success.
  3. Motivation
    Why do you want to be successful?
  4. Learning a Subject
    Know what to learn and how to learn.
  5. Time Management
    Set up a study schedule that allows you to study most effectively.
  6. How to Read the Textbook
    You cannot study well without reading the textbook. Here are some tips for effective reading.
  7. How to Attend Lectures and Take Notes
    You need to go to the lectures and take notes.
  8. Homework and Problem Solving
    Are there any tricks to being a good problem solver?
  9. Improve Your Memory
    Can you memorize what you learned? What are the secrets of a good memory?
  10. Summarize: Harvest Your Fruit
    The knowledge is not yours unless it is digested and organized.
  11. Test-Taking Skills
    Know the common strategies when taking a test and learn to manage test anxiety.
  12. Learning at WPI: What's Special?
    Get to know WPI and its learning environment.
  13. Appendix: Resources and References


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