WPI Academic Programs

Projects are at the heart of the WPI curriculum, requiring students to apply the knowledge learned in classes and labs to real-world problems. This enables our students to contribute in their jobs from day one.

WPI encourages corporations to sponsor projects that challenge WPI students to demonstrate professional competency in their major field of study. The two types of projects include:

Major Qualifying Project (MQP) - The MQP is a project in the major field of study. It focuses on the synthesis of all previous study to solve problems or perform tasks in the major field with confidence, and communicate the results effectively.

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Major Qualifying Project

MQP: Students work in real business situations with real results.

Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) - The IQP relates technology and science to society or human needs. This project challenges students to relate social needs or concerns to specific issues raised by technological developments.

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Interactive Qualifying Project

IQP: Students solve world problems, gain leadership skills.