Alumni Career Services

Lifetime Career Services

The WPI Career Development Center offers free, life time career assistance to all WPI Alumni.  Whether you’re considering a job change, finding yourself in a mid-career transition, or feeling the need to simply consult with a career counselor, the Career Development Center Staff can assist you with your career needs.

The following services are available to WPI Alumni:

  • Job Finder
  • Internet Resources (Career Shift, Career Search, Going Global, MyPlan)
  • Career Fairs
  • Appointments
  • Resume & CV Critiques
  • Workshops
  • Recruiting WPI students

For more detailed information on the above services, please visit Job Search Tools for WPI Alumni or take a look at our Alumni Services tip sheet.




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New to Job Finder? Activate your account!

If you have not used Job Finder as a WPI Alumnus, activate your Job Finder account to view job listings, post your resume and research employers.

And as an alum, I’m proud to come back to my alma mater and know that there’s opportunities here for me. It shows that they take care of us.

—Marcus Lewis ‘08
Attendee at the Career Fair