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You can schedule appointments with CDC staff online through your Job Finder account, under the Calendar tab. View the instructions.

If you need assistance or experience any difficulties, contact the CDC at +1-508-831-5260 or stop by the office.

Topics and Appointment Lengths

Resume/CV Critique Resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV) critiques or instructions on how to write one. Bring a hard copy to your critique appointment.
Cover Letter Critique Cover letter critique or instruction on how to write one. Bring a hard copy and copy of job description.
Graduate School Planning Discuss how to choose a school, finances, testing and writing a personal statement.
Career Search Database Tutorial on how to use database to identify companies by industry and location (US and internationally).
Job Finder Tutorial on how to use Job Finder.
Job Offer/Negotiation Discuss how to evaluate and negotiate job offer(s)
International Student Resources Discuss job search resources for international students including how to use database of US companies sponsoring H1B visa holders for full time jobs.
Co-Op Information Review paperwork and process for students wanting to learn more about this 6-8 month career-related work experience.
LinkedIn/Networking Discuss how and why to network, including training on LinkedIn and feedback on profile.
Interview Skills Discuss how to prepare for an interview and advice on interviewing skills and answering questions. Highly recommended to schedule this appointment prior to doing a Mock Interview.
Career Fair Preparation Learn how to prepare for the Career Fair, including how to research companies attending, how to develop your "elevator pitch," what to bring, how to dress, what to do at the fair, and following up and thanking employers after the fair.
Mock Interview Conduct mock interview which includes recorded interview, review and a critique with advice on interview strengths and areas for development. Email your resume and a job description you want to use to the CDC email ( at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Dress professionally and bring a hard copy of resume. It is recommended to have an Interview Skills appointment prior to a Mock Interview, if possible.
Internship/Co-Op Search Strategies Discuss strategies and resources for finding internships and co-ops.
Full Time Job Search Strategies Discuss strategies and resources for finding full-time employment.
Career Advising Discuss interests, skills, values, possible career options, and other issues related to careers. May discuss interest in taking career interest or personality assessments.
Choosing/Changing a Major Assistance with exploring majors, narrowing down selection of majors, and choosing a major.
Assessment Results Review results from individual assessments including Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI. Students need to have completed assessment prior to this appointment
Alumni Appointment (All Topics) For all topics. This appointment is for alumni who graduated MORE THAN 1 YEAR ago. Alumni must specify in "Notes" box what topics they are hoping to discuss.
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