Choose Your Major

Four Steps to Choosing a Major


Step 1 

Identify your interests, skills and values: 

  • Make thoughtful and well-planned decisions in the selection of a major and career requires understanding of your interests, skills and values along with knowing the majors that best match your interests.
  • Take a self-assessment inventory to help you identify your interests, skills, and values. Make an appointment with a career counselor.
Step 2

Explore potential careers that would relate to your major:

  • Meet with a career counselor for a one-on-one appointment.
  • Visit companies where professionals in the field work.
  • Attend Company Information Sessions.
  • Participate in Career Fairs and speak with employers.
  • Interview or shadow professionals.
Step 3 

Explore majors at WPI:

  • Speak with upper-class students in the majors that interest you.
  • Read CDC Major Binders on each major available in the CDC Library.
  • Review the Majors and Careers by major.
  • Speak with faculty regarding details about coursework and majors.
  • Enroll in the Discovering Majors and Careers course.
  • Volunteer in a laboratory or research center
Step 4

Develop a Career Plan:

  • Once you have identified a possible career choice, develop a plan that enhances your employment opportunities.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to develop your degree plan.
  • Meet with a career counselor for a one-on-one appointment to explore internship and co-op opportunities.


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The website “What Can I Do With This Major” will help you connect majors to careers.