Discovering Majors and Careers Course

This Discovering Majors and Careers course is open to all students  undecided about, or thinking of changing, academic major. Offered in B and C terms, the course will give you an opportunity to conduct a self assessment, research majors of interest and career paths, attend academic department presentations and major panels, and participate in informational interviews, job shadowing and company tours.

At least three times during the course, you’ll meet individually with Peer Advisors or a CDC staff member.

B Term course meets Mondays and Thursdays, 2 to 2:50 pm in SL402
C Term course meets Tuesdays and Fridays, 2 to 2:50 pm in SL402.

Course Objectives

  1. Identify and compose a list of interests, abilities, values, and strengths; give examples of these characteristics and how to apply these in selecting a major.
  2. Identify and explain WPI majors and careers, requirements, rewards, and how these fit with your own interests, strengths, and goals.
  3. Distinguish the difference between a major and a career.
  4. Identify and use information and resources to gain additional insight on WPI majors and careers.
  5. Learn about the Career Development Center resources.
  6. Learn about the next steps in the career planning process including experiences and activities that will confirm the major selected (and add to credentials for future career).

To Register

B Term: FY 1800 – B01 = CRN 11128
C Term: FY 1800 – C01 = CRN 21150

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"The course is a good way to really make yourself think about what you want to do, and helps you obtain information to do so."

"This course is hands down the most helpful thing you can do to help you choose a major."

"You learn all about majors offered at WPI and exactly what they are."

Past participants of the Discovering Majors and Careers Course