Research Programs

Once you decide that graduate school is right for you, you’ll want to research programs that match your interests and fit your needs. Your undergraduate major does not dictate which graduate programs you can pursue. Focus your interests. Talk to professionals and research various programs.

Notable Graduate Schools

Ways to Research Programs

  • Connect with the schools that interest you, requesting information to inform your decision
  • Visit schools that are high on your list
  • Attend graduate fairs and forums
  • Talk with current graduate Students or alumni
  • Speak with WPI faculty about your interests and priorities and ask for advice
  • Contact WPI Pre-Law Advisor Professor Kent Rissmiller, or for WPI Pre-Health (pre-med, pre-dental, pre-vet) assistance, Paul Reilly.

Compare Programs

After researching your options, the next step is to decide where to apply. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating programs:

  • Reputation of faculty 
  • Quality of the program  
  • Depth and breadth of curriculum
  • Program requirements
  • Research, laboratories, library, and computer facilities
  • Availability of fellowships, assistantships, scholarships and financial aid 
  • Geographic location  
  • Internships or clinical experience  
  • Demographics of the student body 
  • Types of positions and salaries of recent graduates  
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Web Resources for US Graduate Schools

We’ve compiled a list of handy websites that will help you find the right program and college for you.

For Rankings:

Web Resources for International Graduate Schools