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What can you do during each year of college to find and stay on a path to a career that’s right for you?

  • See the class year handouts for first-year students, sophomores, juniors and seniors.
  • Review the WPI Career Outlook pages for a quick summary of sample occupations, skills required, professional organizations, and helpful links.
  • Use the Career Search function in your Job Finder account, identify companies in any industry. Search by your ideal location in the U.S., Canada, or other international location.
  • View Notable Employers that hire WPI students and alumni

New Career Tools Available

The Career Development Center is proud to offer students free access to all career planning and assessment services. To learn about the features and how to use this resource, see the “MyPlan Instructions and Features” handout under “CDC Podcasts & Handouts” in JobFinder.

To take any of the Career Assessments:

  1. Create a MyPlan account and agree to the MyPlan terms of service.
  2. On the second page of registration, please enter the license code displayed on the Job Finder homepage (and in the “MyPlan” handout). This code will provide you with free lifetime access to all the assessments.
  3. Strongly Recommended: Schedule an “Assessment Results” appointment with the CDC to discuss your results and learn about additional steps and resources.

Appointments at the CDC are scheduled online in the “Calendar” tab of Job Finder under the “Counseling Appointment” sub-tab. Once you “Request New Appointment,” select “Assessment Results” as your Counseling Type and indicate in the “Notes” that you would like to discuss your MyPlan assessment results.