2012 Winners

Great Minds Gather in the Chairman's Room

The 2012 Strage Innovation Awards competition began early Tuesday morning, April 17, 2012. Thirteen undergraduate teams prepared and presented three-minute pitches. Unable to attend presentations this year were the namesakes of the award, Henry and Alberta Strage. We missed them!

Judges Paul Kennedy, '65, School of Business Professor Chick Kasouf and School of Business Adjunct Professor Shari Worthington were present to hear the three-minute pitches and selected four teams to advance to the final round later that morning. 

The top four final teams were:

Team 6, FIVOLTS, Product: a wearable biometric measurement device that collects and displays physiological data
Team members:
Yichao "Joy" Xu, ’12, ECE/BME (WPI Advisors: E Clancy & Y Mendelson)
Zhongjie Wu, ’12, ECE (WPI Advisor: X Huang)
Fangjie Ding, ’13 ECE (WPI Advisor: E Clancy)
Jun Wang, ’12 ECE (WPI Advisor: S J Bitar)
Quanquan Ma, ’14 MA/CS (WPI Advisors: J Petrucelli & G Hamel)

Team 1, a low speed stabilization device for motorcycle rider.
Team members:
Jessica White, ‘13 ME (WPI Advisor: D Lados)
Alexander Segala, ‘13 ME (WPI Advisor: C Brown)
Adam Sears, SU ME (WPI Advisor: H Ault)

Team 10, a line of custom networked energy control management solutions.
Team members:
Michael Audi, ’12 ECE/RBE (WPI Advisor: J Duckworth)
John Manero, ’12 ECE (WPI Advisor: A Wyglinski)

Team 7, high tech wireless technology for building access.
Team members:
Peter Wallace, ’12 MGE (WPI Advisor: S Taylor)
J.D. Sareault, ‘12 ME (WPI Advisor: C Furlong Vazquez)
Matthew DiPinto, ’14 MGE/ME (WPI Advisor: S Djamasbi)
Jerome Stewart, ’12 MGE (WPI Advisor: T-Y Wang)
Chris Garceau, ’12 MGE (WPI Advisor: C Kasouf)

The winners for the 2012 Strage Innovation Awards are:

First Place: Team 6 - FIVOLTS biometric device

Second Place: Team 10 - custom energy management products

Third Place: Team 1 - motorcycle stabilization product

Honorable Mention: Team 7 - keyless entry technology

We congratulate all students for the outstanding work presenting their technologies, products, and new business visions.  The Strage Innovation Awards program recognizes outstanding and innovative thinking that develops student knowledge and practical experience in the translation of creative ideas into viable new projects or ventures, especially if interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial opportunity now or in the future.

2012 Strage Judges and Presenters

  • Alex Segala, Adam Sears and Jessica White

  • Michael Audi '12 and John Manero '12 - Si Devices

  • Yichao Joy Xu - Fivolts

  • Paul Kennedy, '67, Prof Chick Kasouf and Prof Shari Worthington

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