Dec 18, 2013 - ECE 2799 ECE Design

Dec 18, 2013 - ECE 2799 ECE Design

  • Rashida T. Nayeem, Shane B. Fagan and Saad Riaz of Team Beat SIDS

  • Long H. Nguyen, Kshitij Thapa, and Kristina E. Walker of Team BOSS

  • Nathan W. Wiegman, David M. DiStefano and Jon P. Gualdarrama of Team Glove Sense

  • Nathan H. Wells, Ali Z. Akhtar, and Patrick L Boudreau for Team Shower Safe

  • Ali Akhtar, Pat Boudreau, and Nate Wells successfully demo their Safe Shower sensor

  • David DiStefano greeting judges David Kmetz, Bob Waite, and Bob Barton


Thank you to our expert judging team members Bob Waite, '65 (Waitek, Inc.), Bob Barton (PowerSure Corp), and David Kmetz, a product development judging veteran. Their questions, comments, and insightful suggestions were valuable to the student teams. Thank you also to Professors Steve Bitar and Bill Michalson for hosting the Robert H. Grant Invention Awards in ECE 2799-Electrical and Computer Engineering Design.


The ECE 2799 course competition reduced a field of 20 teams to 4 finalists for presentations and prototype demos on December 18, 2013. We congratulate the First Place team "Beat SIDS" and team members Shane B. Fagan, Rashida T. Nayeem, and Saad Riaz. Congratulations to the Second Place team "BOSS - Bathtub Overflow Sensor System" and team members Long H. Nguyen, Kshitij Thapa, and Kristina E. Walker. Congratulations also to the Third Place team "Glove Sense" and team members David M. DiStefano, Jon P. Gualdarrama, and Nathan W. Wiegman. And last but not least, congratulations to our Fourth Place holders "Safe Shower" and team members Ali Z. Akhtar, Patrick L. Boudreau, and Nathan H. Wells. Great job in presenting new ideas on the horizon of electrical and computer engineering products!


1st Place - Beat SIDS
Shane B. Fagan, Rashida T. Nayeem, and Saad Riaz

SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is the leading cause of death in the United States for infants. Beat SIDS is a device that would help diminish this cause and would provide a relief to new parents and make their lives much easier. The product includes two different wireless devices. This product can be used inside the house, and the transmission between the devices has an audible range of about five-hundred feet.  

2nd Place - BOSS - Bathtub Overflow Sensor System
Long H. Nguyen, Kshitij Thapa, and Kristina E. Walker

A bathtub overflow sensor system (BOSS) is a home automation system that primarily monitors the water level within a bathtub and alerts the owner when the desired water level is reached using an audible alarm. This system allows the user to choose among several different levels of water which can be set before the water is turned on. It is designed to help people multitask while filling up their bath.       

3rd Place - Glove Sense
David M. DiStefano, Jon P. Gualdarrama, and Nathan W. Wiegman

Glove sense allows for easier, gesture-based communication between human and computer.  The resulting applications range from simple elimination of mouse and keyboard to gaming application to 3D modeling and instrument control. It is designed for a wide audience, but is currently focused on live music production. The current output software, called Max/MSP, allows the glove to be used as an instrument similar to the theremin.                                                          

4th Place - Safe Shower
Ali Z. Akhtar, Patrick L. Boudreau, and Nathan H. Wells

The Safe Shower is a temperature sensing device for your shower.  It can display temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, and will set off an alarm if water temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius or 122 Fahrenheit.  It is designed for parents of small children, though it may appeal to a broader audience.  It will allow parents to set the temperature of their showers to a safe level, and will alert them if the temperature suddenly rises to an unsafe level.

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