One of the most intense learning experiences we offer comes through participation in one of our competitions. We also promote and will help prepare applicants for open national and international competitions.  Before deciding to compete, we encourage you to understand public disclosure, IP protection, and international patent law basics. Workshops are conducted throughout the year on each of these topics. WPI students and employees may contact the Collaborative for Entrepreneurship & Innovation for help with competition proposals, or the WPI Technology Transfer Office for help with disclosure of Intellectual Property.

WPI Competitions:

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Considering Sponsorship

We invite you to consider sponsoring WPI innovation and/or entrepreneurship competitions. Sponsorship benefits include Networking – Sponsors build relationships with applicants to realize the future value of helping build new companies and products; Promotion – Sponsors will be promoted as an affiliate of a WPI competition; Access – Sponsors will access innovators and entrepreneurs through mentoring, events, judging, and follow-on activity to help commercialize new technologies.

Please contact Gina Betti at +1-508-831-5761 regarding contest sponsorship. Thank you!