3R Video Contest

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!  Creativity Pays! 

Make your one-minute reduce, reuse, or recycle video today and enter to win!

Contest Rules

Eligibility: Open to WPI students and the WPI image must appear somewhere in the video.

Video length: 60 seconds or less


  • Educational or Informational - $250 prize
  • Artistic Appeal - $250 prize
  • Humorous - $250 prize

Deadline: Post video on YouTube and email link to: cei@wpi.edu by April 22 with "3R Video" as the subject line.  Include names, emails and phone numbers for all team members so we can reach you.

Copyright: Video must be original work and music (or copyright free or permission granted for use)

Sponsor: WPI Collaborative for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

*Prize Limitations: One prize per team and/or individual.

Video cameras can be borrowed from WPI's Academic Technology Center.

Congratulations to the 2014 Winners!

Congratulations to our 2014 Earth Week 3R contest videographers!

1st Place Educational/Artistic Category Winner: "3R - Let's Do Our Part" entered by Maria (Lulu) Gomez and Sergio Alvarez

Runner Up Educational: "So Easy Even a Robot Can Do It" entered by Corin Rypkema

Runner Up Artistic: "Please Take Care of the Environment" entered by Alex Shoop, original music by Dan Robertson

1st Place Humorous Category Winner: "Recycling Tale: Homesick" entered by Ivan Melnikov and Tyler Nickerson

Thank you to our 2014 Judges:

Abbie White, Tressa Santillo, Joe Sarkis, Lorelle Tross, Liz Tomaszewski, Doreen Manning, Gina Betti, and Kay Hartnett.

Watch these awesome video productions and start thinking about entering next year's 3R (Reduce Reuse Recycle) Video Contest!

Congratulations to the 2011 winners.....

Educational: Wouldn't It Be Nice by Neil Pomerleau
Humorous: Save the Earth Kit by Deniz Ozgoren
New Category, Artistic: Travel Back by Gizem Demircioglu
Most views: Wouldn't It Be Nice (1890 hits)

Thank you 2011 Judges!

Karen Rossow, Suzanne LePage, Suzanne Sontgerath, Deb Pizzimenti, Liz Tomaszewski, Christine Drew, Eileen Brangan Mell, Donna Pellinger, and Laura Betti

Watch the Video Entries

Instructional / Educational Videos 

First Place
Wouldn't It Be Nice by Neil Pomerleau

Humorous Video Submissions

First Place
Save the Earth Kit by Deniz Ozgoren

New Category: Artistic

First Place
Travel Back by Gizem Demircioglu

Honorable Mentions

Pens by Chris Mollica

Everybody Around You by Arnon Hershkovitz

Congratulations to the 2010 winners.....

Educational: Every Thirty Seconds by Neil Pomerleau
Humorous: Recycle Funk by WPI's Recycling Team
Most views: Every Thirty Seconds (51,111 as of 12:15p.m. April 22, 2010)

Thank you 2010 Judges!

Karen Russo, Kathleen Adams, Suzanne LePage, Suzanne Sontgerath, Donna Pellinger, Ted Russo, Liz Tomaszewski, Christine Drew, Tressa Santillo, and Lynn Loftus

Watch the Video Entries

Instructional / Educational Videos 

First Place
Every 30 Seconds by Neil Pomerleau
Every thirty seconds we're throwing away some pretty good stuff.......

Honorable Mention
One Billion Tires by Nathan Olivarez
Nathan interviews WPI Civil Engineering alumni Pete Giorgi, '96.

Humorous Video Submissions

First Place
Recycle Funk By WPI's Recycling Team
The Recycling Team brings you the beats of the unstoppable Recycle Funk!

Honorable Mentions: 
Recycling is Awesome by Ryan Muller and Paolo Masakayan
See some pretty awesome juggling - with recycling "thrown" into the act.

Garbage Storm by Anthony Spangenberger and Maximilian Kaiser
A few simple rules for living that WPI students can implement in their daily lives in order to lead a greener lifestyle. 

Recycling for Engineers by Jonathan Estabrook, Francis Pallien, James Kingsley, Mike Sage, Daniel Lanier, and Jess Holmes.
Watch WPI students assemble found trash.

The 3Rs of Savin' the World  by Pat DeSantis and James Montgomery
Yo wassup Worcester Polytechnic Institute - We're here to present facts you can't refute...

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