Robert H. Grant Invention Awards

The Robert H. Grant Invention Awards competition gives special recognition to students with a proven aptitude for invention. Robert H. Grant (WPI '42) and his wife Barbara believe in keeping the spirit of entrepreneurship alive at WPI. Robert Grant said, "I am having the fund created to recognize, foster, and strengthen the adventurous spirit of entrepreneurship among Worcester Polytechnic Institute students, faculty, and alumni, in a manner that illustrates the heritage of the Institute's founders over a century ago." The Collaborative for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CEI) concurs and believes that competitions are the right stimulus to foster that spirit. WPI is proud to add the Robert H. Grant Invention Awards competition to its growing family of entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives.

Grant's determination to recognize, foster, and strengthen the spirit of entrepreneurship at WPI will be honored annually through course-based project competitions. Courses with curricular elements that naturally lend themselves to inventive outcomes are eligible for consideration each year. The CEI will accommodate WPI faculty members interested in incorporating the Award program into their courses. To enhance student applications through better understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation, the CEI will provide extracurricular workshops and seminars throughout the year. Please contact the CEI to discuss the competition.


Each professor that elects to host the Rober H. Grant Invention Awards competition in their course decides the criteria to be judged. The CEI works very hard to bring in judges with expertise in the industry related to the projects entered into the competitions. Teams will learn in advance upon what they are being judged. The judges decisions for prize placement are final. The prize is $1500 per course.

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