Robert H. Grant '42

Robert H. Grant is an entrepreneur who established one of the most successful real estate development companies in the western United States in the 1950s. After graduating from WPI in 1942 with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Grant served in the Navy during World War II as a radar officer aboard destroyers in the Pacific Theater. He then became a stress analyst at Boeing Aircraft Company in Seattle, WA, and for a brief time, a mortgage loan appraiser for Prudential Insurance Company. After being recalled to active duty during the Korean War, Grant decided to pursue his entrepreneurial interests by becoming a real estate developer in Anaheim, CA, at the time one of the fastest growing areas of the country. Over the four decades that followed, Grant has estimated that his companies have built some 18,000 new homes, as well as numerous shopping centers, office complexes and hospitals from Florida to Hawaii. In recognition of his business success, the WPI Alumni Association awarded Robert Grant the Robert H. Goddard Award for Professional Achievement in 1972.

I don't know that you can teach someone to be an entrepreneur, but I feel very strongly that you can recognize and encourage a student who does have that unquenchable desire to organize and manage a future business enterprise, balancing the ever-present risks against the personal joys and rewards of success... If I can help even a few of these unusual men and women break out of the mold of conformity, my risk in this venture will be far surpassed by my reward.

Robert H. Grant
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