Guidelines for Final Proposal

Formatting Requirements

Paper Size

The American standard 8.5" by 11".  Charts, graphs, and photos may be on larger stock.

Page Limit

Not to exceed twenty-one (21) total pages including charts, graphs, photographs, artwork, and appendices. Typing may be single or double-spaced.


Please securely bind your proposal. Loose elements risk being lost.


Body text must be regular Times New Roman or Arial and not less than 11. Bold or italic font may be used for emphasis and smaller font may be used for captions.


Legibility and page limit are important considerations. However, use of creative logos, artwork, and uniqueness are highly encouraged.


While some may choose the well-documented business plan style, others may feel a less structured presentation would be more appropriate. No matter what the style, judges must be able to understand your idea. Be concise. Be clear. Keep it simple. Brief discussion of the financial implications will be helpful, but detailed funding plans, financial pro forms, cash flow forecasts and other purely financial considerations are not expected.

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