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There are no restrictions as to the sources of advice individuals or teams may use in preparing their entries. Applicants should maintain a journal that includes a comprehensive list of advisors who have been actively involved, along with the thought processes employed in the development of the idea. This is often referred to as an inventor's notebook.

In addition to individuals who might provide advice, applicants are advised to examine other possible sources such as books, the Internet, journals, meet up groups, business resource organizations, and non-profit entrepreneur organizations.

Books: There is a vast collection of books on all aspects of innovation and "how to" books on specific aspects. WPI's Gordon Library houses books that have been purchased for the Strage Innovation Creativity and Entrepreneurship, or "ICE", collection. 

Internet: Search for sites dealing with both the process of developing a plan, structure and other guidelines. In addition, specific searches should provide or direct you to sources of market size, competition, trends, industry standards, major problem areas etc. A current search on Google for the term innovation identified over 111 million results.

Journals: Various journals publish articles dealing with innovation in specific industries and sectors. See for example The Innovation Journal.

Research Librarians: Working with a Gordon Library research librarian shows resourcefulness.

Organizations: Investigate inventors' organizations, product development organizations, the Service Corp of Retired Executives, Worcester Chapter (SCORE), the Small Business Development Center at Clark University (SBDC),

Networking: at events where entrepreneurs, inventors, service providers and investors gather. A few recommended organizations include The Venture Forum,

Participants will be responsible for carrying out any market research to support their proposal. Extensive use of Internet information on industry, market and consumer related data is highly encouraged.

Please use proper citation.

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