The Collaborative Innovation EcoSystem

An experiential and academic innovation ecosystem is supporting the development of new technology ventures and commercial applications for WPI researchers and students through the Collaborative for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (the Center).

The process of identifying new business and licensing opportunities created through the University's rich research and academic projects-based environment is supported by the Center staff along with business faculty and the Technology Transfer Office. Inventor participation in the validation of ideas, intellectual property protection, patent strategies, venture structuring, and funding pursuit is highly encouraged and supported.

The Center is particularly concerned with innovation that matters, innovation that is of value to the market and the economy and innovation that significantly contributes to the improvement of society and the environment.

The Center is particularly concerned with innovation that matters, innovation that the market values or that contributes to the improvement of society and environment. These innovations may include products, practices, processes, systems, or services. And while the Center is active in the regional innovation ecosystem impacting regional economic, political, and social growth and leveraging and contributing to global innovation, the Center's focus is foremost on assisting WPI researchers and students in their pursuit to innovate.

The full complement of offerings include entrepreneurship and innovation courses; mentoring; networking with service providers, organizations, and investors; experiential learning opportunities such as entrepreneurial projects, internships, speaker events, and dinners with entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators; workshops and seminars on professional development and business related topics; an endowed lending library of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship publications; a weekly radio program; a monthly newsletter; current web resources; and innovation competitions that fuse idea validation to commercialization.

The Center is a university-wide, as well as, public program housed in the School of Business at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, located in central Massachusetts, United States.