Judges & Judging Criteria

Confidentiality in the Strage Innovation Awards Competition

A select panel of judges, each distinguished experts in their fields, will hear the final presentations and select the winners. The only persons to have application access will be professionals who would normally deal with confidential information. All judges will be asked to exercise the same respect for any confidential aspects of the submissions as they would in their professional activities.

As needed, parties involved in the judging will be asked to sign the standard WPI Confidentiality/Non-disclosure Agreement.

Judging Criteria

What are the judges looking for?

  • Innovativeness, demonstrated creativity and originality of idea 30%
    Does the idea represent a truly original concept or is it a refinement of an existing product, service or process?
    Is the idea based on a clearly identifiable client/customer need? How will it create value?
    Does the idea show thinking "outside the box" or is this essentially a development of an existing idea?
  • Technical merit, viability, commercialization strategy 25%
    Has technical feasibility been clearly demonstrated? Is it clear to a non-technical person?
    Have the risks inherent in the idea or concept been identified and dealt with in a convincing manner?
    Has a reasonable strategy for moving ahead been made? Will the product have a competitive advantage?
  • Quality of presentation and clarity of idea 20%
    Is the presentation clear convincing, interesting and a well organized document?
    Has the "boiler plate" been reduced to an absolute minimum?
    Has the need been clearly made and supported?
  • Implementation feasibility 15%
    Does there seem to be a reasonable chance of the idea being implemented?
    Has consideration been given to alternative approaches for implementation?
    Is feasibility based on evidence or assertions?
  • Supporting evidence, market demand, need statement, etc. 10%
    Has the need been clearly defined and supported?
    Is there any market data presented to support the proposed strategy?

Presentation Hints for Digital Format

We recommend reviewing the judging criteria above, however, at a minimum, address at least some of the following in your oral presentation:

  • Who are your target customers or users and why do they have a need for this innovation?
  • Have you talked with prospective customers before investing significant time in the idea? 
  • How will this innovation be commercialized, or meaningfully applied to the not-for-profit sector?
  • Have the most likely hurdles and risks been though about and contingency plans developed?
  • How will this innovation be effectively implemented?
  • Have the human and financial capital requirements been realistically estimated?
  • Is the goal practical?
  • How will this idea be protected, i.e. copyright, patent, trademark, or other barriers to entry?
  • Is the basic idea sustainable over time? Why do you think so?
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