Hitchcock Dinner with Entrepreneurs Photos

  • Dr. Mitch Sanders, Fred Molinari, Steve Rubin, WPI - All WPI Alums and Entrepreneurs at inaugural Dinner (Oct 01)

  • Entrepreneurs Alexander Malcolm WPI'69 and John Towner WPI'86 (Nov 01)

  • Pamela Giasson, Sheena Patel, Besse Karachis (Nov 01)

  • Joe Thomas, WPI'71 captures students attention (Jan 02)

  • Susan Loconto Penta, WPI '86 with student Abbra Kate Gasser (Feb 02)

  • Dennis Guberski talks with Nicole McMahon and Sara Ibbitson (Mar 02)

  • Catherine White listens with rapt attention to Dennis Guberski, CEO of BRM (Mar 02)

  • Collaborative Director, Mac Banks oversees student evaluation process (Mar 02)

  • Wendy Reider, CEO of MicroBiotix talks with students (Mar 02)

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