2005 Winners

Flanked by blue skies, warm weather, and a spirited and festive mood on campus, five anxious contestants gathered on April 19, 2005 in the Salisbury Labs Room 105, for WPI's first annual Strage Innovation Awards competition. In addition to the Awards program, the WPI campus was busy preparing for the annual Quad Fest and Project Presentation Day. But, starting promptly at 1:00 P.M., WPI ECE student, William Tolli, made an opening presentation for a panel of three distinguished judges as well as to Henry and Alberta Strage who flew in from London for the judging and award ceremony. William's idea for a ONE-WIRE Wiring Harness for custom motorcycles struck the hearts and minds of the panel enough for him to scoop up the First Place cash prize of $1500 and a keepsake commemorative plaque. The Second Place award went to Servprise International, a company recently founded by WPI alums Cory Wallenstein and Kevin Menard, allowing them to share a second place prize of $750, with each student also receiving a plaque. Servprise is a company that owns the patent for a remote reboot device which allows failed computer systems to be rebooted without "pulling the plug". Third Place was captured by Catherine Darensbourg and Alexandra Levshin for a new environmentally-friendly disposable cleansing mitt for use by physically challenged individuals that would otherwise require assistance with personal hygiene. Catherine and Alexandra each received a plaque and will share a $250 cash prize. The Collaborative for Entrepreneurship & Innovation thanks the Strages for their commitment to WPI's students of innovation by sponsoring this competition!

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