Letters of Accommodation

At the beginning of each academic term, students should meet with you to discuss their Letter of Accommodation. This letter will list the student's academic accommodations. Accommodations are determined based on appropriate documentation provided by the student when they disclose their mental and/or physical disability to the Office of Disability Services. The Letters of Accommodation will not reveal any information pertaining to the type of disability for which the accommodations are given.

The Letter is intended to serve as a starting point for discussion and collaboration between the student, the ODS and yourself. You should discuss the accommodations listed on the Letter with the student to determine the best way to facilitate accommodations in your course given the course structure and schedule while maintaining the academic integrity of the course.

The students should pick up the Letter of Accommodation at the EPC during the first week of the term. Two copies of the Letter will be given to the student; both copies should be signed. One copy should be kept for your records while the student will return the other copy to the EPC.

Follow the link below for more explanation of each of the components of the Letter of Accommodation:

Example Letter of Accommodation


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