Accommodated Testing

Students may need all kinds of accommodations based on their documented disability. Accommodations can cover a range of academic situations, but a large amount of the accommodations are used for the high pressure situations of exams. Exam-based accommodations vary and can include but are not limited to:

  • 1.5x or 2.0x extended time to complete exams
  • Assistive Technology
  • Access to a laptop for computer based exams
  • Need of a scribe
  • Visual impairments and/or enlarged font on exams
  • Need of a distraction reduced environment
  • Private rooms  

The Exam Proctoring Center can facilitate all exam-based accommodations. In order to properly administer exams, both students and professors need to work with the EPC staff to coordinate exams taken outside of the regular classroom.

Schedule an Exam

Students who wish to take exams at the EPC should schedule their exams 48 hours in advance. Students can easily schedule exams online by going to Schedule an Exam.

EPC Accommodated Testing Information

Professors who have students that will be utilizing the EPC must let the EPC staff know the details of the exams. This can be done by filling out the EPC Accommodated Testing Information form. It is important that the information on the form be fully complete and correct to guarantee proper exam proctoring.


It is also important that both students and professors familiarize themselves with the current policies and procedures of the EPC. Please read through the information provided on the EPC pages and follow the links below for some helpful tips for utilizing the EPC:

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