Accommodated Testing

Accommodated Testing at WPI can include a number of exam-based accommodations including, but not limited to:

  • Use of a calculator for basic calculations when appropriate
  • Enlarged font
  • Assistive computing
  • Breaking up of long examination periods
  • Extended time
  • Private rooms
  • Ability to reschedule
  • Ability to stand/stretch
  • Use of a scribe
  • Verbal or auditory instructions

Exam-based accommodations can be administered by the faculty of the course. Students should sit down with their course instructor at the beginning of the term to discuss the accommodations they have and how these accommodations can be implemented.

Students and faculty do have the option of using the Exam Proctoring Center, a dedicated reduced-distraction environment for exam administration for students with accommodations. If the instructor does not have the time and/or the facilities to proctor exams with accommodations, they can have the EPC staff proctor exams. If the student prefers to take their exam outside of the normal classroom or needs less distraction during exams, they can take their exams at the EPC.

For more information on Accommodated Testing, please visit the Exam Proctoring Center page.

If faculty members are unclear as to how to proctor exams with accommodations, have them contact the EPC by calling 508-831-4955 or emailing

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