Alternative Format Media

Alternative Media can refer to any instructional material which is converted or altered from its original state into a different format so it is accessible and usable by people with disabilities. These formats may include, but are not limited to, Braille, large print, recorded audio, electronic text (e-text) formats, and video captioning.

Certain individuals may be unable to benefit from the standard format of instructional materials. This can include people who:

  • are unable to read printed materials due to blindness or low vision
  • cannot manipulate materials due to a physical impairment
  • have difficulty processing printed information due to learning disability
  • have difficulty accessing information on the internet
  • are unable to hear video presentations or recordings because of deafness or hard of hearing

By providing alternative media formats, all students are able to access instructional materials necessary to succeed in their courses.

To access alternative format media through the ODS, the Director will first review your accommodation needs based on your documentation and discuss with you if having your course materials converted into an alternate format will assist you with your course work. If it is decided that you will require an alternative format media accommodation, please familiarize yourself with the Alternative Media Policy and then follow the basic steps provided below for each course every term.

  1. Determine which of your course instructional materials you would like converted to an alternative format. These materials can include but are not limited to: textbooks, handouts, professor notes, presentations, journal articles/papers and videos.
  2. Determine which format you would like for each of the materials described above.
  3. For TEXTBOOKS, go to Request an E-Text, and fill out one E-Text Alternative Format Request form for each course.
  4. For all other materials, contact the ODS staff to discuss which materials you need converted, into what format they will be converted, and by when you need each of the materials.
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