Alternative Media Policy

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students requesting Alternative Format Media must be approved for this accommodation by the Director of the Office of Disability Services.
  • Students must be currently enrolled in the course for which they are requesting alternative media.
    • After making an alternative media format request, immediate notification must be given to the ODS staff if the student drops the course
  • For TEXTBOOKS, students must own a copy of the textbook and are required to provide their original receipt when requesting alternative format media.
  • Only required materials, essential for the student’s success in the course, should be requested. Other materials may be considered on a case-by-case basis after consulting ODS staff. 


  • Any alternative format media requests should be made as soon as the text book information is known and/or as soon as the course materials are made available.
    • If the textbook is changed by the professor, fill out a new E-Text Alternative Format Request as soon as possible and make sure to note that the textbook has changed.
  • Requests for multiple courses must be made separately.
    • For TEXTBOOKS, the student must fill out one E-Text Alternative Format Request form for each course
    • For other course materials, the student must contact ODS staff to discuss which materials need to be converted, into what format they will be converted, and by when the materials are needed.


  • If an accessible version of the textbook is not available from the publisher, the student must purchase a physical copy of the book which can be converted by WPI printing services.
    • The binding will be removed, the textbook pages scanned, and the book will be reassembled.
  • Converted materials will be made available online in the student’s Alternative Media Files folder. A link to this folder will be sent to the student with the confirmation of available converted materials.
  • The student’s preferred format for conversion may not be available. If this is the case, the ODS staff will contact the student to discuss the best way to meet their needs. 


  • Due to the constraints of a seven-week term, the ODS staff will attempt to get all converted materials to the student within one week of a request; however, please be aware: 
    • TEXTBOOKS, it may take up to three weeks to acquire or convert to an accessible version in the student’s preferred format. 
  •  The student’s online Alternative Media Files folder will be available as long as they have the alternative format accommodation; however, access to online materials for a specific course will be terminated at the end of that course.


  • Materials provided by the ODS are for academic use only and should not be reproduced or redistributed in any way.
  • Any further reproduction or distribution in a format other than a specified format is in infringement of copyright law.
  • Misuse of the specialized format will result in disciplinary action and termination of the alternative media format accommodation.


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