Schedule an Exam

To schedule an exam at the EPC, please fill out the form below. If you do not schedule your exam at least 48 hours in advance, you will not be allowed to take your exam at the EPC. Your professors are not responsible for scheduling exams and they cannot schedule for you.

Your professor should be aware that you are taking your exam at the EPC. Check with your professor about your exam time before scheduling an exam with the EPC. If you plan to take the exam at a time that does not overlap with your class time, please include this information in the comments section. Please schedule your exam for the time you plan to arrive at the EPC.

Use the additional Exam Date and Time boxes to schedule multiple exams for one course. You can only schedule exams for one course at a time; fill out a new form for each course.

EPC Exam Scheduling Form

Please check the box below if the exam/quiz is a weekly occurrence.
Does your professor know you will be taking an exam at the EPC at this time?
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