Faculty Tips

  1. Students can begin picking up their Accommodation Letters from the EPC a day or so before the start of each term.
    • They will receive two copies of each letter. One for you to keep for your own records, and a second for you to sign and have the student return to the EPC as soon as possible.
  2. Please go over the letters thoroughly with the student and review the details of exactly how each specific accommodation will be implemented. This is the time to discuss any foreseeable conflicts or issues that may arise and address them proactively.
  3. Fill out the Testing Schedule Questionnaire with all the necessary information ASAP. This link will be listed on the letters and you will also receive an email from our office with the information.
    • You will need to log in using your WPI address and password. Please note you will only need to fill this out ONCE per COURSE – not for each individual student.
  4. Remind students that they must schedule any exams they will be taking in the EPC a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
    • Seating can be limited during busy times, especially mid-terms and finals, and we want to be sure we can accommodate everyone properly.
  5. Exams that are not scheduled with the EPC by the student will not be accommodated by our office. Students showing up with an exam in hand that we are unaware of will be sent back to the classroom and you will need to facilitate the accommodation on your own.
  6. Please set reminders for yourself and or your TA’s to get exams to the EPC staff in plenty of time before the exam will be given.
    • Many students need to come in a bit earlier than class time to avoid their extended time running over into their next class.
    • There may be instances where your exam needs to be formatted for use with Assistive Technology. This takes time and we want to be sure everything is ready for the students when they arrive. Exams that will be emailed to our office should be sent to epc@wpi.edu. Exams that will be delivered to our office should be delivered directly to the EPC in the Wedge between Morgan and Daniels – Room 103.
  7. Please remember that the EPC closes promptly at 5:00pm M-F, as MASH takes place during the evening hours. Because no accommodations can be made after that time, we ask that students schedule your exams with an END time of no later than 5pm if they wish to utilize all of their extended time.  
  8. Please make EPC staff aware of any changes made to the materials or time allowed on any given exam that differs from what you filled out on the survey at the beginning of the term.
  9. Please let EPC staff know of any issues that may arise while the exams are being given in class immediately.
    • This would include any typos that need to be corrected, extra time that is given, information that is explained or clarified to the class or anything else that the students would benefit from. We will do our best to address them as quickly as possible.
  10. Email is the best method of contacting the EPC, as this is the least disruptive to students who are testing. Emails should be sent directly to epc@wpi.edu.
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