Making the Transition

Going to college can be a difficult transition for high school students and it can be an equally difficult transition for parents as well. This is especially true for parents of students with disabilities who have been used to having to advocate for their student; collaborating with teachers and administrators and keeping a close, watchful eye on their child’s progress in school. When students are in high school, parents are expected to help steer their child in the correct direction and help them achieve their goals. When students are in college, in order to succeed, they need to become the driving force behind their academic success and development into mature adults. This requires a rapid shift to heightened self-advocacy skills on the part of the student and a transition to a “hands-off” approach on the part of their parents.

Allowing your student to succeed or fail on their own is a difficult transition for many parents to make and we hope to support this period of adjustment for both you and your student. We encourage you and your student to meet with our staff to learn more about the Office of Disability Services and whether WPI is the best fit for your family. We also consult with current students and families if the student has not disclosed in the first-year or as need arises.

Students who wish to take advantage of our services and resources should review the Students section of our website. We encourage you to review the materials with your son or daughter to start them on the path to independence now.

If you have specific questions, please call 508-831-4908 or email to make an appointment with a staff member.