Proctoring Exams

A student's exam-based accommodations may require them to take their exams at the EPC. The EPC is staffed with trained professionals who work to uphold the integrity of courses by adhering to proper guidelines concerning exam administration (see below). While general principles of exam proctoring apply, each individual course is different and evaluation of student understanding is tailored by the professor to the given material. In other words, every professor gives exams differently and the EPC needs to be aware of these differences in order to properly administer exams.

In order to proctor each exam according to the professor's preferred method, each professor must inform the EPC of the following:

  • Materials allowed on the exam
  • Exam/quiz dates and times
  • How to reach the professor should the student have any questions during the exams
  • How the exams will be delivered to the EPC
    • Email to
    • Professor/TA drop off
    • Student deliver at time of exam in a signed, sealed envelope
  • How the exam will be returned to the professor
    • Scanned and emailed
    • Professor/TA pick up
    • Student return in a signed and sealed envelope
  • When can the student take their exam if extended time conflicts with another course time

All of this information can be provided by filling out the EPC Accommodated Testing Information form. The form will only need to be filled out once per course, not for each individual student. The link to this form can be found below. Please note, proper authentication of WPI credentials is necessary to complete the form and professors, most likely, will need to sign in with their WPI email and password.

EPC Accommodated Testing Information

It is essential that the information on this form be filled out completely and correctly. This will guarantee proper administration of exams and maintain the integrity of the course.


General Proctoring Guidelines

  • A member of the EPC staff will be present throughout the examination period.
  • The EPC will adhere to all examination preferences for a given course outlined by the professor in the EPC Accommodated Testing Information form.
  • Each student is required to sign in when they begin their exam and sign out when the exam is complete.
  • All students are required to place all materials not allowed for the exam in an area away from their desk where they will be completing the exam.
    • The proctors are aware of what materials are allowed on the exam and monitor the students during exam times to make sure only the materials allowed are used. 
  • Each student is aware of the end time for their exam and is given a warning before their exam time is complete.
    • The end time for each individual student's exam is also written on the board.
  • Bathroom breaks are allowed for students during long exams.
    • Exam times at the EPC can reach up to 6 hours and students are not expected to forgo personal health needs. 
    • All personal belongings are kept within the exam room at all times.
  • Students are not allowed to communicate with others about the exam during the examination period.
  • The exams are kept in a secure location before testing and after testing before pickup and/or scanning and emailing.
    • If extra exams are delivered or printed, they are destroyed within one week of the given exam date.
    • Completed exams that are scanned and emailed to the professor are destroyed one week after positive confirmation has been received. (This is in case any questions arise later given a student's writing versus the scanned copy.)
  • Students that have not scheduled their exams with the EPC 48 hours in advance will not be allowed to take their exams at the EPC.
    • It is the understanding of the EPC staff that students have spoken with their professors beforehand and confirmed their exam time before scheduling with the EPC. A student that arrives without scheduling may not have professor approval to take their exam at the EPC and there may not be room at the center for the student (this only applies to busy exam times such as finals).
  • If an instance of cheating is discovered during a students exam, the EPC staff will immediately stop the exam and contact the professor.

The EPC adheres to the university Academic Honesty Policy and procedures. The above measures are designed to minimize and prevent academic dishonesty. If you have any questions regarding exam proctoring in the EPC, please email or call 508-831-4955.


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