Current Students

The Office of Disability Services works with over 350 students each year to provide academic, residential and co-curricular accommodations, programming and support. ODS brings students, faculty and other WPI Offices together to make accommodations happen. We encourage students to utilize our office as a resource and to connect with us early and often.

Students who work with our office do-so for many reasons and students do not need a formal diagnosis to consult with us. To give a sense of students who do have a formal diagnosis, the chart to the right describes the breakdown of students with disabilities at WPI. A majority of students (almost 60%) have functional limitations that impact academic work in the form of math or language-based learning disability, processing speed, executive function (organization and time management), or social/interpersonal issues. We also work closely with the Student Development and Counseling Center to support many students with psychological disabilities and mental health-related functional limitations as well as the Student Health Center to support students with permanent or temporary medical, physical or mobility impairments. We do not currently have a large population of student with sensory impairments (vision or hearing) attending WPI, but students with sensory disabilities will find ample support and accommodation at WPI as well.

Please review our student pages to find out more about how you can work with our office.

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