Student Tips

  1. Student Accommodation letters will be made available for pick up in the EPC a day or so before the start of each term. We ask that you please pick your letters up as early as possible to avoid disruption when students will be testing in the days immediately following.
    • You will receive two copies of each letter – one for the Professors records, and the other to be signed and returned to the EPC as soon as possible.
    • Please go over the letters thoroughly with your Professors and review the details of exactly how each specific accommodation will be implemented.
    • You will not be allowed to take an exam at the EPC with your accommodations unless you have returned the signed Letter of Accommodation for your course.
  2. Schedule any and all exams you will be taking in the EPC a minimum of 48 hours in advance. It is important you do this as early as possible.  It is generally best to get this out of the way at the beginning of each term, as this is when you will receive the syllabus which will list your exam dates.
    • Seating can be limited during busy times, especially mid-terms and finals, and we want to be sure we can accommodate everyone properly.
    • Please note that if those should change at any time during the term, you can let us know and we will be happy to update our schedule accordingly.
  3. Exams that are not scheduled with the EPC will not be accommodated by our office. If you arrive at the EPC with a test in hand of which we are not aware, you will be sent back to the classroom.
  4. Please be sure to know ahead of time whether you will be picking the exam up from your Professor directly or if it will be ready for you in the EPC when you arrive. This will save you from any unnecessary backtracking.
  5. Arrive at the time you scheduled for your exam.
    • Keep in mind that many Professors prefer you take the exam during the normal class time, with the exception of instances where extended time may create a conflict with another course immediately following the exam. Please work out those issues with your Professor and the EPC staff as soon as you are aware of them to avoid any last minute confusion.
  6. When coming to take an exam, please wait to sign in until you have put all of your personal belongings away in the cubbies. Bring with you only the materials you are allowed to use during the exam when signing in. You will then be given your exam and official start time. End times will be written on the white board shortly thereafter.
  7. No cell phones, laptops or other electronic devices will be allowed in the testing area without approval from your Professor and/or the EPC staff.
  8. The EPC is meant to be a distraction free environment. Please respect any students you may be sharing the space with and keep noise to a minimum. This means no loud headphones, tapping of pens/pencils, rustling of bags/snack foods, walking around the room, etc. 
  9. At least one seat should be kept between each student and not more than one student per table unless there is no other option available.
    • If you wish to reserve a specific seat or private carrel, please do so when scheduling your exam. Otherwise, they will be available on a first come, first serve basis.
  10. Please let the EPC staff know of any issues that may arise while taking exams immediately. We will do our best to address them as quickly as possible.  
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