E-Text through WPI

Students who have alternative format media accommodation should first determine what textbooks or books are necessary for their classes. If the student determines an alternative format for their book is necessary, they should first decide what type of alternative format they would would prefer. The most common formats are:

  • PDF
  • Word Doc
  • Daisy
  • MP3
  • Braille

The student must also figure out if they would like a physical copy of the book along with the alternative format. Electronic versions of the textbook are less expensive and you can read them on almost any internet-capable device. If a physical copy of the book is not necessary, the student can start searching for e-Texts on their own. The easiest way to search for e-Texts is to go through WPI using the information provided below.

  1. WPI Library

    • Search in the WPI Library catalog to see if your text is available for free in electronic format.
      • The Gordon Library offers a number of ways to search for eBooks in their collection and using other eBook collections as well. The Electronic Books Database offers a way to search within the WPI collection for only eBooks, it also lists a number of other databases (some of which are specific to a publisher) that you can search to find your eBook.
      • If you search in the main collection, you will still find the eBook, but using the database will limit the search to only electronic books. If you search in the database and no results are found, then your textbook is not available through WPI in an electronic format. If this happens, try the other databases listed.  
  2. WPI Bookstore

    • Check to see if electronic textbooks for your courses are available for rent or purchase through the WPI Bookstore. 
      • The WPI Bookstore has a number of textbooks available in electronic formats. When you perform a Textbook Search for your course, the site will tell you if the textbook is available in electronic format.
      • Each book available can be read using Nook Study, a free program that enhances the features of the eTextbook by allowing you to highlight, take notes, bookmark, and search online. There is also free 7-day trial of the eTextbook and a rental option so if you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it.

Due to digital rights management, not all textbooks will be available to the public in electronic formats. If you are unable to find your book in an electronic format, you should then contact the ODS and they will provide you with an alternative format of your book. This means you will have to first buy the textbook and provide proof of purchase before receiving the alternative format.

To request an E-Text through the Office of Disability Services, go to the Request an E-Text page and fill out the E-Text Accommodation Request Form.