Aid Retention Policies

All full time students are expected to register and enroll in twelve 1/3 unit classes per academic year. The more classes a student successfully completes (up to a maximum of 12 courses) during terms A-D, the more the student’s grant/scholarship eligibility is maintained for the next academic year.

Attempting but not successfully completing courses and project work will reduce financial aid. Please note that advanced placement, transfer credit, incompletes, or extensions cannot be counted in the determination of units completed. The student is responsible for resolution of incompletes with the faculty member assigning the grade.

Eligibility for consideration for all types of financial aid for the following academic year is lost if a student is placed on Academic Probation (end of B or D term).

Regardless of academic progress status, eligibility for financial assistance (with the exception of the Federal Stafford Loan) is available for the shorter of the two following periods; 16 terms (four years) of enrollment at WPI** or completion of your Bachelor Degree requirements at WPI.

**16 terms (four years) of enrollment and not 16 terms (four years) of receiving financial aid.

Those receiving scholarships/grants, loans of all forms and/or federal work study must be registered as full-time students. Students are charged tuition and fees based upon full-time status, which serves as the basis for annual financial aid eligibility determinations. Students are responsible for knowing their enrollment and academic status and working with an academic advisor to register and enroll for the necessary units to maintain eligibility for financial aid.

Financial Aid Petitions

Reduced or rescinded financial aid may be reinstated. Learn more...

WPI Need-Based Scholarships

Academic performance may affect award amount. Learn more...

WPI Merit Scholarships

May be decreased or eliminated if renewal criteria is not met. Learn more...


Please Note:

With the exception of the Federal Stafford Loan, financial aid is not available for enrollment during Term E. This includes all forms of assistance including WPI Merit and need based scholarships or any institutional loan funds (Perkins or Institute). For students who enroll during E-term and are awarded Federal Stafford Loan, the amount borrowed will be reduced from the student’s Federal Stafford Loan eligibility for the next academic year (A- and D-terms).

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