Federal Work-Study & Community Service

Earn Financial Aid While Giving Back to the Community

Federal Work-Study (FWS) funds are allocated annually to colleges that offer employment opportunities to high-need financial aid applicants. FWS is included in the financial aid eligibility letter to qualifying students. A student accepting an FWS offer may work a maximum of 10 hours a week at an hourly wage of $9.

Students are also expected to complete 15 hours of community service during the academic year at an hourly wage of $10. The WPI Student Activities Office (SAO) has information on community service opportunities.

Students awarded FWS funding can choose to work:

  • On campus in an academic or administrative office during the academic year and work in a WPI SAO-approved community service position for 15 hours.
  • On or off campus in a WPI SAO-approved community service position during the academic year. With this option, students automatically fulfill their required 15 hours of community service.

If a student declines an offer of work, it will not affect the other components of his or her award package. Due to limited funding, however, if a student declines FWS funding or employment, this fund will not be renewed in future academic years.

If a student earns less than $500 in FWS funds for the academic year in which the fund is awarded or fails to complete the required 15 hours in community service, the student’s FWS funding will not be renewed in future years.

Eligibility for FWS funds in future years may be affected by a change in financial need or failure to meet application deadlines.

FWS employment will not be awarded or re-awarded to students whose:

  • Academic performance levels are not met
  • Enrollment falls below full-time
  • Registration status is part-time or special student