Scholarships & Grants

Grants and scholarships are money—which does not have to be repaid—offered by a variety of sources that include WPI, the federal government, individual states, and private organizations.

Need-Based Scholarships

These are awards that are made to students based on their financial need. If students currently receiving need-based scholarships continue to demonstrate a similar level of financial need and pass at least 11 academic courses1 a year, their award will be renewed at the same level.2

Merit-Based Scholarships

This funding is awarded based on a student’s academic performance during high school. All admission candidates are reviewed for merit-based scholarships by the Admissions Office. If awarded, it will be incorporated into any need-based financial aid for which the student may qualify. Learn more...

1 Academic courses are defined as classes worth one third of a WPI academic unit.
2 Merit- and need-based scholarships are not increased from year to year.