Aid is Available Through the US Armed Services

High School seniors applying for United States Air Force, Army, or Navy ROTC scholarships should be aware if they are awarded either a four-year or three-year advanced designee (full or partial tuition) scholarship, WPI will offer a room and board credit to go against room and board charges in conjunction with their ROTC scholarship.

Depending on the room and meal plan chosen, these room and board credits may not fully cover room and board costs. The room and board credit does not apply to transfer students or students who are awarded a ROTC scholarship after they have enrolled at WPI.  Beginning with the class of 2017 and future enrolling classes, any ROTC candidate that receives Room and Board credits in their award will be required to live in campus housing in future years to retain these credits.  Should a candidate choose to move into off campus housing (including fraternity or sorority housing) the room and board credits will be forfeited. Contact the WPI Office of Financial Aid for details.

For more information on the different types of ROTC programs offered at WPI please visit:

Note that no WPI need- or merit-based scholarship (which includes the WPI room and board credits for ROTC) can exceed WPI’s tuition.

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