Frequently Used Forms

Finance Forms

These forms can be filled out online and then printed on a networked printer.


On some forms there are boxes in which you can type multiple lines of text—if you type beyond the borders of the box, the text will not appear when the form is printed. You are limited to the confines of the box.

Please note: All phone extensions start with +1-508-831-.

Form Name Purpose Contact
Accounts Payable
Check Request Form (.pdf, 79kb) Authorization to pay a university vendor; attach original invoice and packing slip Joyce Carlson,
Ext. 5524
Expense Report for 2015 travel (.xlsx, 43kb)             For 2015 Travel: Request reimbursement for university travel and small incidental business expenses Joyce Carlson, Ext. 5524 
Independent Contractor (IC) Contract (.pdf, 37kb) Complete prior to hiring an independent consultant or contractor Charlene Bellows,
Ext. 5577
Independent Contractor (IC) Amendment (.pdf, 13kb) To extend or modify an existing IC form Charlene Bellows,
Ext. 5577
Sole Source Vendor Justification/Price Verification Form (.pdf, 65kb) Required for all purchases $10,000 or greater. Generally, 3 quotes are needed. Laurie Collela,
Ext. 4922
W-9 (.pdf, 84kb) Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. Joyce Carlson,
Ext. 5524
Banner Finance
Banner Finance Access Request Form Update fund and org code access in Banner Finance Lauren Marunas,
Ext. 4837

New Fund Request Form(.pdf,110kb)            

New Fund Request Instructions (.pdf, 90kb)

Request the establishment of a new fund code

Instructions for completing the new fund request form

Lauren Martunas,
Ext. 4837
Cash / Bank Services
Cash Receipts Deposit Form (.pdf, 130kb) Deposit funds to a FOAPAL

Lori Willens,
Ext. 5727

Petty Cash Replenishment Form (.pdf, 88kb) Submit receipts and request petty cash replenishment funds Lori Willens,
Ext. 5727
Wire Transfer Information Form (.pdf, 142kb) Required for all outgoing wire transfers.     Michelle Pickett
Ext. 5728
Cardholder Agreement (.pdf, 92kb) Conditions required to receive a university P-Card

Brenda Martin,
Ext. 5837

P-Card Request/Change Form (.pdf, 23kb) Request a P-Card, or limit change to an existing P-Card Brenda Martin,
Ext. 5837
P-Card Transaction Log (Optional) (.pdf, 197 kb) Track P-Card transactions Brenda Martin, Ext. 5837
Sponsored Research Accounting
Cost Transfer Form (.pdf, 117kb) To make correcting entries to grant funds Heather Bilotta,
Ext. 5422
Cost Transfer Justification Examples (.docx, 13kb) To assist with completing the over 90 day cost transfer & justification form  Heather Bilotta,
Ext. 5422
Over 90 Day Cost Transfer & Justification Form (.docx, 228kb) To substantiate the transfer of expense to/from a grant >90 days after original charge Heather Bilotta,
Ext. 5422
Salary Redistribution Form (.pdf, 15kb) To request reallocation of grant-related payroll expense Heather Bilotta,
Ext. 5422
Student Organizations
Cash Receipts Deposit Form (.pdf, 172kb) Deposit money into your organization's WPI account. Lori Willens,
Ext. 5727
Check Request Form (.pdf, 79kb) Authorization to pay a university vendor; attach original invoice and packing slip. Joyce Carlson,
Ext. 5524
Expense Reimbursement  (.xlsx, 43kb) Used when reimbursement is necessary due to  travel or other expenses.

Joyce Carlson, Ext. 5524

Interdepartmental Transfer/Journal Entry Form (.pdf, 117kb) Used for transferring money to an on-campus department or organization Deb Amend,
Ext. 5067
Interdepartmental Transfer/Journal Entry Form (.pdf, 117kb) To make correcting entries to FOAPALs (authorization required by financial managers on all FOAPALs on the entry) Deb Amend,
Ext. 5067