Dolan Challenge

Double Your Gift—Take the Dolan Challenge Today

Mike Dolan ’75 is challenging alumni from the last 10 years to give back to WPI. Alumni who graduated in the last decade make up an increasing percentage of WPI’s alumni body—and when you don’t give it hurts our alumni giving rates, our standings in national rankings, and our ability to earn grants from foundations and corporations.

Likewise, when our graduates of the last decade make unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund they can have a significant positive impact on WPI—dramatically improving our participation rates and transforming the way we are perceived by our peers and competitors.

Mike Dolan thinks we can do better.

He will match:


Gifts of any size to the Annual Fund (unrestricted)


From graduates from the last 10 years (2011-2002)


Between now and June 30, 2012


Your participation matters—it’s a factor in national rankings and in how foundations and corporations determine where to make grants. When you give, WPI’s reputation grows ever stronger, and increases the value of your degree. Importantly, your unrestricted Annual Fund gift provides WPI with the financial flexibility necessary to deliver a high quality engineering and science education and support students and faculty in their pursuit of big ideas.


Use our secure online form, call 1-877-WPI-FUND, or email

Why the Annual Fund:

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Donald '92 & Jennifer '94 Wyse

Why I Give

“We were inspired by the generosity of one of WPI’s alumni and trustees, Mike Dolan. With our company matching gift capability, we were able to turn a 4X donation into a 10X donation. In economic times like these, who can leave money on the table? It’s simple math to us…”

- Donald '92 & Jennifer '94 Wyse