Foundation Funding FAQ

Starting Your Funding Process  

I am interested in seeking grant funding. Which office do I contact first? Institutional Advancement, the Office of Sponsored Programs or the Office of Corporate Engagement?

What’s the process for seeking foundation funding?


What support does Institutional Advancement offer? 

Who establishes priorities for fundraising and grant requests at the University?

Who contacts the foundation?

May I apply on my own if I already know the funder?

If I am already working with a corporation or foundation, should I contact Institutional Advancement?

I am preparing a proposal for funding for a research project. The funding source is a non-government agency, who should I approach-the Office of Sponsored Research or Institutional Advancement?

Is there a development officer within my discipline area who can also help with corporations and foundations?


The Proposal Process 

How long does the proposal process take?

What approvals will I need?

Who reviews my budget?

Do foundations allow indirect costs?


Services Available to You 

I need a small grant of less than $10,000 for things related to my teaching and/or research. Will you be able to help me?

I am partnering with colleagues at another institution, can your office still help me?

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