Recent Class Gifts

Senior Class Gifts enhance the WPI campus and build school spirit.

Class of 2012 Senior Gift: Patio Renovation outside of Gordon Library

The senior class gift committee decided to raise money for the Library not only because it is an important place for students, but also because it is a vital part to WPI campus community. This gift was a component of the overall renovation to the Library that began a few years ago with the installation of the Library Cafe donated by the Class of 1940 during their 40th reunion. The Class of 2012 fund-raised the largest gift in the history of the program, totaling $15,572.32 from 42 percent of the senior class as well as parents, faculty, staff and underclassmen. The Class of 2012 also earned a $15,000 matching gift from WPI Trustee Win Priem ’59.

Class of 2011 Senior Gift:  Higgins House Memorial Garden Restoration of the Reflection Pool

The senior gift committee, together with advisors in the Office of Annual Giving proposed a fundraising project for the Class of 2011 that would contribute to school spirit. The senior class gift committee raised $11,593.97 from 39 percent of the senior class, parents, faculty and underclassmen. The class earned a $15,000 matching gift from WPI Trustee Win Priem '59 for a final total of $26,593.97. This garden’s purpose is to preserve the memory of students who passed away during their time at WPI, and to offer a quiet space for reflection or meditation. The Class of 2011 donated this gift to the university in honor of Jonathan “Jon” Rowell, a classmate and friend who passed away in February 2011.

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