Starting Your Funding Process

I am interested in seeking grant funding. Which office do I contact first? Institutional Advancment, the Office of Sponsored Programs or the Office of Corporate Engagement?

  • If you are seeking funding from:
  • A private or corporate foundation, then contact Institutional Advancement or complete the online form.
  • A funding source that is not a private or corporate foundation such as the federal, state or local government (e.g. National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Department of Energy, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Endowment for the Arts, DARPA, Massachusetts Department of the Environment, City of Worcester etc.) then contact the Office of Sponsored Programs.
  • A corporate sponsorship of an MQP or other student project then contact the Office of Corporate Engagement.
  • A cash gift or a gift-in-kind (e.g. equipment) from a corporation then contact the Director of Development for your division:

For all other corporate inquiries contact the Office of Corporate Engagement.

For all other funding inquiries contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.

What’s the process for seeking foundation funding?

  1. Discuss your project and proposed funding with your Department Head or Director and obtain his/her approval for the proposal.
  2. Complete and submit the Request for Foundation Funding Assistance form to Institutional Advancement.
  3. Institutional Advancement will contact you, review the request with you and begin the process of identifying prospects if one is not already identified.
  4. Once a prospect or prospects are identified, Institutional Advancement will review each foundation’s guidelines with you to ensure the best possible alignment between your project and the foundation’s goals and process.
  5. Institutional Advancement will work with you to make the first contact with the foundation.
  6. Institutional Advancement will assist you in developing the proposal or next action (which might be a simple Letter of Inquiry or a brief summary of your project) as requested by the foundation.
  7. Institutional Advancement coordinates the appropriate review and approvals by the university’s academic and administrative management, and submits the proposal.
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