Registered Dietitian

Kelly Stellato (MS, RD, LDN, CLC) is a Registered/Licensed Dietitian. Kelly became an RD by obtaining a BS in Human Nutrition then went on to obtain a MS in Nutrition and a complete a one year dietetic internship with rotations in clinical nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, public health, business, community nutrition programming, and food service. In addition to being an RD Kelly is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Management Consultant and also holds certificates in fitness concentrations such as yoga, pre and postnatal exercise, child and teen fitness, strength training, pilates, and t’ai chi. Kelly is currently obtaining a second master’s degree in Psychology.

Kelly focuses on educating people about how to eat in a healthy, positive way. Depending on the specific reason for the appointment or consultation, Kelly will tailor your time to answer any questions you may have about food and nutrition. Common reasons to seek the guidance of an RD include weight management, label reading exercises, general nutrition, nutrition throughout adulthood, picky eating, underweight, overweight/obesity, disordered eating, eating disorders, vegetarian lifestyle, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, food allergies, meal/snack planning, hydration, supplementation, diagnosed gastro-intestinal issues such as IBS, sports nutrition, and other nutrition related problems/topics.

To make an appointment please contact or call us at +1-508-831-5520.

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